Monthly archives for August 2005

Published on August 24, 2005

Google’s new instant messaging service, Google Talk, is now live. While a Mac client is not yet available, it is possible to set up an account in iChat using Jabber. If you have a GMail account, you’re already signed up. Just open up iChat, and set up a new Jabber account with your GMail address as your username, your GMail password as your Google Talk password, and as the server address. Feel free to try it out my messaging me at command {dot} tab {at} gmail {dot} com (replace each item in braces with it’s real counterpart — it’s slightly obfuscated to cut down on junk mail to my GMail account). Both text and voice chat work, and video will likely be added in the near future. You can get more information at the Google Talk Help page.

Elsewhere on the web, Skype announced that they will be opening up their service via an API, allowing for better integration with the web, as well as other IM clients. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Maybe Google will buy Skype and combine the two services to create a total IM and VoIP solution — they have the money and the talent, why not do it?

Published on August 23, 2005

I just ran across this useful post on MacOSXHints. You can Command-click on links in to open them in the background in Safari. Handy!

Published on August 22, 2005

Roxio just announced Toast Titianium 7, a major upgrade to their awesome CD and DVD burning application.

I’ve been using Toast since verison 5, and I still swear by it for nearly all my CD and DVD needs, except for those where Disk Utility is absolutely necessary. Toast 7 takes everything a step further, and features DivX 6 encoding for high definition content, iDVD-like menu creation, H.264 and PSP encoding, audio recording, and the ability to span an archive across multiple discs (as well as restore it either in full or per file).

MacWorld has a detailed article covering all the new features. I can’t wait to get the new version!

Published on August 21, 2005

Dave Warker has released hotTunes 2.0, an update to his fantastic iTunes hot-key controller. New features include hotkeys to control all sorts of new iTunes abilities, hotPlay playlists, track change detection, AppleScript execution on certain events, play mode cycling, and controls to disable nearly all attention-grabbing windows. It’s definitely worth a look, and is a refreshing change from other iTunes controllers out there. You can check it out at his website or at MacUpdate.

Published on August 20, 2005

In a surprising move, ATI has released a $199 Radeon 9600 Pro card which works on both PCs and Macs. This is a smart move for ATI, even if it does involve a significant bit of engineering cost and effort. Now they can distribute one card for both systems, which have a long history of using different cards, with Mac versions being hideously overpriced. In the end, consumers will benefit from every angle, by being able to purchase the card in stores, as well as saving some money.

For the price, the card is quite nice, too. Personally, I would never spend over $200 on an upgrade video card for any system, and ATI just barely hit that mark. The AGP 2.0 card features 4X and 8X compatibility, 256 MB of DDR RAM, as well as the dual-link capability (to drive the high-end 30″ Apple displays). Finally, an affordable Mac video card exists which doesn’t skimp on performance…or TV output! [via]